Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Splinters written and illustrated by Kevin Sylvester

SplintersSplinters, written and illustrated by Kevin Sylvester, is a delightful, imaginative twist on a classic. Cindy is a girl that loves hockey.  She wants to play on a real team but when she gets on a team she doesn't get to play as much as she'd like because of the Blister Sisters.  They make fun of her old equipment and they sabotage everything she does.  When Cindy is bemoaning not being able to go to a hockey tryout she saw in an ad, a fairy goaltender shows up and whacks Cindy in the shins with her goalie stick and magically Cindy has a new uniform and new equipment,  but there's just one catch - Cindy has to be off the ice before the buzzer goes or it will all disappear.

Anna and I both loved this story and had fun discussing how it was like the classic Cinderella story.

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