Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Eggs for Anya by Virginia Kroll

Easter Eggs for Anya: A Ukrainian Celebration of New Life in Christ (Traditions of Faith from Around the World)Set in the 1900s Easter Eggs for Anya: A Ukarinian Celebration of New Life in Christ, written by Virginia Kroll and illustrated by Sally Wern Comport, tells the story of Anya and the wonderful surprises she receives at Easter time.  The story starts with Anya being worried about how different Easter will be this year because her father is gone to war and because they don't have any eggs to decorate.  She is in her "praying place" talking to God about it when the surprises start. In an author's note at the beginning of the book the author tells about how the art of "pysanky" eggs, decorated eggs, started in the Ukraine and how Christians in the Ukraine exchange decorated eggs on Easter Sunday and say "Christ is risen!"  In the back of the book are instructions and suggestions for making your own "pysanky" eggs and instructions for a game to play.

Anna and I actually read this one using the Kindle Reader app for iPhone.  I downloaded the Easter Eggs for Anya eBook. We both really liked the book.  While I do like being able to read books on the iPhone, there still is nothing like being able to hold a book in your hands and this is one that I will be looking for to hold in our hands and read again, though we also will probably reread it on the iPhone many times as well.

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