Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Great Explorer by Terry Morrison

In The Great Explorer: The almost true story of John Cabot's Discovery of Newfoundland, written by Terry Morrison and illustrated by Len Walbourne, comical pictures and amusing text tells the story of Giovanni Cabot from his boyhood in Italy to his disappearance while on an expedition to the New World in 1498.  Along with the story, there are tidbits of information interspersed throughout the pages.  It is a fun book to use to garner some interest in social studies.  You can also use it to discuss the importance of consulting a number of resources for information rather than depending on just one source.  There is actually a list of resources for further reading included in the back cover of the book.

I couldn't find any information about the author or illustrator and the only web reference to the book is at the Newfoundland Shop.

The little dog in the illustrations was the key to keeping Anna interested in the story.  Most of the information is above her right now but I can see us coming back to this book again to show that you can have some fun while studying social studies.

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