Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pudding and Pie: Favorite Nursery Rhymes chosen by Sarah Williams

The nursery rhymes in Pudding and Pie: Favorite Nursery Rhymes were chosen to be included in the book by Sarah Williams and they were illustrated by Ian Beck.  There are many different nursery rhymes in the book but there is just one rhyme per page.  Some of the nursery rhymes we had heard many times before and some we had never heard before but we enjoyed all of them.  The illustrations are wonderful!

Though I could find lots of information about other Sarah Williams on the web, I couldn't find any about this particular Sarah Williams.  The jacket cover of the book says that she is from England.

The illustrator, Ian Beck, is also from England.  Along with having illustrated many books by other authors is also an author himself and has written and illustrated his own books.

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