Thursday, April 7, 2011

Down by Jim Long's Stage by Al Pittman

Down By Jim Long's StageDown by Jim Long's Stage, subtitled Rhymes for children and young fish, was written by Al Pittman and features illustrations by Pam Hall.  This book contains more wonderfully silly rhymes, this time featuring fish of all kinds.  Once again Anna and I got a kick out of the rhymes and pictures.  I think we preferred Down by Jim Long's Stage over On a Wing and a Wish: Salt Water Bird Rhymes.  Each double page spread in Down by Jim Long's Stage features a single poem, while in On a Wing and a Wish: Salt Water Bird Rhymes there was often more than one poem per page.  Apparently Down by Jim Long's Stage book has been around for 25 years but this is my first time encountering it and I'm sad that it took so long to come across it.  It really is a fun book.

This book is great to read simply for the fun of it, but it would also add some fun to a science study of different kinds of fish.

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