Saturday, January 29, 2011

Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London

FROGGY GETS DRESSEDFroggy Gets Dressed written by Jonathan London and illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz is a funny story about a frog that discovers how much work it is to get ready to go out in the snow.  Non-words for sounds (such as zoop, zup, and zat) are part of the fun of this book.

Anna and I enjoyed making the sounds and shouting out parts of the story as we took on the roles of the mother and froggy. We had a lot of fun with this book.

I didn't know it at the time, but I've learned that this is just one of a number of Froggy books written by Jonathan London, who has actually authored more than 80 books, including the Froggy books. You can read a short description of each of the Froggy books on the Read That Again site. (I just found the Read That Again site and was interested to see that it has much the same premise as my site - a Dad shares about books he and his daughter has enjoyed reading together.)

If you want to have a look and listen to the book before you get it to read for yourself, you can tune into the YouTube video Froggy Gets Dressed narrated by Carli.  I also found a Froggy Gets Dressed Felt Board Story YouTube video of someone using some felt figures to tell a story that is very different from, but obviously inspired by, the book. That lead me to find the Time4Felt site which has a Froggie Gets Dressed Up felt set which includes 14 felt figures and 2 original stories. These are the figures that are used in the video.

There are a lot of sites with activities to help you have even more fun with the book. There are all kinds of Froggy activities at Learning Treasures, including a Froggy Gets Dressed Uno print and make game and a Froggy Gets Dressed Lotto spinner and bingo cards to print and make. The ABCTeach directory has a page dedicated to the Froggy books. There you will find a bunch of different worksheets in a Froggy Gets Dressed PDF.  It includes Compression Questions, a Fill in the blank story summary and a Matching Words and Pictures page. A Slideshow of Froggy Books by Jonathan London suggests activities to go along with different Froggy books and specifies the different school curriculum outcomes that are covered by the different activities. The script for the slideshow is below the slideshow and is easier to read than the slideshow.  Funny thing is Froggy Gets Dressed is not one of the books in the slideshow.

Froggy Gets Dressed is a a fun book to read all on it's own, but taking advantage of some of the things available on the internet can turn it into even more fun.


  1. We have every froggy book - Brianna LOVES them. I used to. lol. They are very cute, I think this one may be my favorite.

  2. Wow! Every froggy book! I am going to be looking for the others.