June Reading Challenge

Read everyday and keep a record of what you read. Don't worry if you miss reading or recording each day, the main thing is to read. If you like you can use the form below to have your books entered into the spreadsheet below.

Please note that this challenge is open to anyone. You are welcome to join this challenge at any time.  I'd love to see people from all over participating.

After you fill in and submit the form, click on the words "Newest at Top" on the bottom of the spreadsheet and you will see your entry at the top of the spread sheet.  I also have pages in the spreadsheet made to show the books sorted by author and illustrator.  You can check those out by clicking the words on the bottom of the spreadsheet. Hover over the little tiny arrows by the words on the bottom of the spreadsheet to see all the different pages. I will also set up pages for each participant that requests an individual page.  If you want a page set up for you just drop me a line.

Check out the Certificate and Reports Challenge Participant can receive at the end of the month and drop me a line to let me know where to send them.

Check out what everyone has been reading!

If you'd like to see the June Reading Challenge Spreadsheet in full screen just click on the words in this sentence.